• Tachograph Analysis Bureau and Fleet Management Consultancy

    Are you looking for a professional tachograph analysis consultant? Contact AK Fleet Solutions in Cumbria. We are one of the UK's leading tachograph analysis consultancies and specialists in fleet management compliance.

  • Digital and analogue tachograph analysis services

    Do you want to ensure that your business is compliant with your operator licence obligations? Contact AK Fleet Solutions. We provide digital and analogue tachograph analysis across Cumbria and the UK.

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We help you meet your operator licence obligations

AK Fleet Solutions work with fleet owners and operators throughout the UK, delivering effective fleet management services. Established in 1999, our team provides professional services for big and small fleet businesses. You can depend on us to provide reliable fleet compliance and tachograph analysis consulting services. Whilst based in Cumbria, our services are available across the UK.

We utilise the latest web based technology to download and analyse the relevant data. We can help you meet the obligations of your operator's licence. 

Latest tools for fleet management services 

Whether you are a HGV company or a PCV operator, make sure you find the most effective solutions by contacting one of the top fleet management companies in the UK. We maintain a strong relationship with Continental VDO, the leading manufacturers of tachograph data recording equipment. Using their TIS-Web program, we provide comprehensive tachograph analysis and other fleet management solutions for private and commercial businesses.

You can depend on us for reliable, honest and professional advice. Get in touch with our experts analysts today.

Complete fleet & tachograph analysis consultancy services

Our services include the following:

  • Digital and analogue tachograph integration
  • Fleet management
  • GPS tracking
  • Operator licence audits
  • Vehicle tracking 

As one of the leading tachograph analysis companies in the country, you can depend on AK Fleet Solutions to find effective systems that work for your business. Based in Cumbria, our services are available across the UK. 

Get in touch with our consultants today.

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Use TIS-Web to analyse your digital and analogue tachograph charts. With the TIS-Web system you will be able to read, store and analyse data at the click of a button.

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