Vehicle tracking Carlisle

Vehicle Tracking Carlisle

Managing a fleet is a complex task. With many drivers, vehicles, and of course, loads of inventory to manage, making sure that our fleet is as safe, effective and optimized as can be is essential.

Fleet managers up and down the country, then, need the best set of tools for providing real-time information they can use to make decisions throughout the day. This might involve recommending fuel stations to certain drivers, being able to prevent drivers from working more than they are legally permitted to, and resolving logistical errors that may occur.

In order to achieve this, you need to know where every member of your fleet is, at all times.

This is where AK Fleet Solutions come in. We provide digital and analogue tachograph analysis services for a wide array of industries.

Through our help aiding you with vehicle tracking, you can more easily plan logistical routes, delivery times, and the drivers within your employ.

Why vehicle tracking?

A good fleet manager is able to plan a range of routes throughout the day to maximize the effectiveness on the road, while keeping an eye on traffic conditions, road suitability, and driver condition.

Tracking can help you better make adjustments should a driver report unsuitable driving conditions. It can help you more readily plan for the fuel expenditure of your fleet by tracking the miles driven, as well as helping you keep your drivers accountable to the routes you have planned and the road rules they are legally obliged to conform to.

Furthermore, the metadata involved with vehicle tracking can ensure that fleet managers and team managers can more readily plan their logistics and refine their plans as time moves on. This enables them to make the safest decisions going forward.

Leading fleet management specialists based in Cumbria.

At AK Fleet Solutions Cumbria, we offer a range of fleet solutions for your needs. We offer vehicle purchasing and leasing support, accident management, tachograph analysis services, licence audits, and more.

We have a dedicated team of experts and planners, building a stellar and dependable reputation for ourselves over the years we’ve been in business.

We also offer a bespoke collection of services for companies that require a unique solution. If you need to optimize or consult with us to help you manage your fleet more capably, we can help with that too.
A great fleet management approach with dependable vehicle tracking can make or break the reputation and delivery timings of a business, so be sure to prioritize this as soon as you can.

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