Tachograph analysis Carlisle

Tachograph Analysis Carlisle

The need for a fleet manager to properly and safely handle drivers is more important than ever, with logistics playing a huge part in business operations worldwide.

As such, tachograph analysis is becoming an essential part of their skillset. The Tachograph serves a vehicle unit installed into the trucks or vans serving as part of the fleet.

From there, it reports on the movements of the vehicle. This measures and monitors day to day driving habits, reporting a range of metadata back to the fleet manager.

In many cases, tachograph analysis serves as an essential element of compliance for fleets, to ensure that driver and road user safety, as well as correct vehicle upkeep and maintenance, is assured.

The best Tachograph analysis services.

Working through all of this data can be a full-time job in itself, without the proper know-how and tools to inspect it.

But what are the kinds of analysis this collected information may yield?

To put it simply, Tachograph analysis can:

? Provide competent, up to the minute reporting about driver activity.
? Log driver’s hours and note any unacceptable infringements.
? Log working time and note any unacceptable infringements.
? Note missing mileage that may or may not have been tracked appropriately.
? Note over speeding.
? Report unknown drivers being given access to the vehicle.
? Log events and faults that can cause problems with the maintenance of a vehicle.

On top of this, a debrief system as part of the software provided can showcase the most easily identifiable driving errors, giving you the chance to apply consistent and competent disciplinary proceedings from then on.

From the 15th June 2019, all fleet vehicles must be fitted with smart tachographs. These give the chance for GPS positioning and stellar vehicle tracking, allowing fleet managers to more easily identify their drivers and plan routes for them as appropriate.

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Based in Cumbria but with a national reach, our services help your business deliver on time, dependably, and regularly.

We achieve this by ensuring we’re constantly up to date with the needs of modern fleet systems, including keeping up to date with any regulation imposed upon drivers and their vehicles. As such, we offer a whole suite of services, including but not limited to operator license audits, fuel management, and accident management aid.

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