tachograph analysis

tachograph analysis

Make sure that your fleet is compliant with all current regulations.

When your fleet is out on the road, you want to be sure that they are always compliant with all the current laws and regulations and tachograph analysis is the best possible way to do just that.

Tachograph analysis is used to monitor the speed and distance traveled by the drivers in your fleet to ensure that they haven't broken any laws. Without this kind of monitoring, your business could well end up facing some hefty fines and perhaps even worse. It also ensures that you can monitor the hours that your drivers spend on the road so that you are always working in accordance with employment regulations. Without these kinds of checks, you could even risk the loss of an operator's license.

Tachographs have been mandatory for all HGV vehicles since the 1980s. As a transport operator, you are legally required to check your tachograph records and keep clear and accurate records at all times in order to monitor the activity of your drivers.

Make tachograph analysis simple

The requirements for tachograph analysis are such that without them your business could wind up in serious trouble which means that you need to be sure that you're not only keeping the correct records but that you're always aware of the results of your tachograph analysis. In order to ensure that you can keep on top of all of these things, get in contact with AK Fleet Solutions.

Whether you require tachograph analysis for commercial vehicles or for PVC operations, we can provide you with remote and personal consultation for tachograph data analysis. Whether you choose to download your own data or send the details to us to download, we can ensure that the tachograph data is always downloaded within strict legal timescales. Using Continental VDO's TIS-Web system for tachograph analysis, we can ensure that your data analysis is fully compatible with the Work Time Directive Rules for Drivers.

We offer a range of tachograph analysis solutions

In order to ensure that your tachograph data analysis is up to the standard that you, as a transport operator, require, we offer a wide range of solutions and services in order to ensure that your business is always fully compliant with all of your operator license obligations. The tachograph analysis solutions that we offer include:

Advice and assistance with your tachograph analysis
The required equipment for downloading tachograph data
Defect report books
Manuals for both operators and drivers
Company and driver card applications
CPC training
Operator license application as well as operator license renewals and amendments.
Free collection service for local clients
For those using analogue tachograph charts, we provide a free collection service for local clients. While charts for other clients are delivered to our office in Carlisle through a safe and secure postal service.

We use VDO's DLK Pro download tool in order to download the vehicle unit and driver card data for digital tachograph anaylsis to ensure the most efficient downloads possible.