digital tachograph analysis

digital tachograph analysis

Is your fleet fully compliant with your operator license obligations?

As a transport operator, one thing that you always want to be sure of is that the drivers in your fleet are always fully compliant with all current regulations.

Tachographs monitor everything from the speed of your drivers to the distance traveled to how long they spend on the road. By being able to analyse that data you can be sure that your fleet is always compliant with your operator license obligations. Without that data, you could end up facing some large fines as well as the potential for even worse consequences.

The majority of vehicle accidents are related to sleep and this has resulted in regulations being placed on drivers' hours both to keep the roads safe and to ensure that the work is always carried out correctly. Digital tachograph data gives you the ability to monitor things like this not only for the benefit of your drivers but also to help you keep detailed and accurate records.

Simplify your tachograph anaylsis

Keeping the correct records and ensuring that you're carefully monitoring your fleet are both so essential that they simply cannot be ignored. Of course, as a transport operator, you likely have a lot of other things to concentrate on. AK Fleet Solutions can help you stay on top of your tachograph analysis thanks to remote and personal consultation as well as the ability to download your data.

Why choose digital tachograph analysis?

The first tachograph systems were fully analogue, featuring a stylish marking a wax-coated disk with a full rotation taking place over 24 hours. This meant that the disk had to be changed manually. This could often result in data being overwritten. Not only that but analogue tachograph records are highly susceptible to tampering.

This has resulted in the widespread use of digital tachograph analysis instead. There are many benefits to a digital tachograph system. For one thing, it is simply considered to be the standard current technology. Not only that but a digital tachograph analysis is stored and processed straight away, ensuring that the margin for interpretation error is significantly reduced and it is impossible for data to be altered or deleted.

A wide range of tachograph analysis solutions

Any transport operator requires a wide range of services in order to ensure that their digital tachograph analysis is as efficient and accurate as possible. AK Fleet solutions offer a wide variety of services in order to ensure that you can keep your organisation compliant with your operator license obligations as well as all current regulations.

Our services include the following:

Tachograph analysis assistance and advice
Downloading equipment
Defect report books
Operator and driver manuals
Company and driver card applications
CPC training
Operator license application
Operator license renewals and amendments

Secure and efficient data download

It's essential that you can be sure that your data is as secure as possible and that it is downloaded efficiently. We use VDO's DLK pro download tool in order to download the vehicle unit and driver card data as efficiently as possible.